MAN BOOBS re: Facebook inquiry


MAN BOOBS re: Facebook inquiry

Hey, men have mammary glands. Does no one see that? What’s this man boobs thing all about? Accept that men may at some point be called on to feed the world. Or maybe men don’t want that subservient role, so are rebelling against even the suggestion of it. What? I’m becoming a female? No. You are a male. And both males and females have mammary glands – nipples – the whole nine yards. Most women never use their breasts to feed.

There may come a time when both women and men will be used to feed the young. Men need to accept who and what they are – feeding machines. Women too. If the world is without food and you two decide to procreate for all the naturally selfish reasons, then it should be up to the both of you to feed your offspring.

I say man boobs and all the talk surrounding them is prejudicial against women. It’s sexist talk. We all have boobs – some smaller, bigger than others. It’s like we all have legs and arms and eyes, and ears…It’s what makes us who we are and helps us accept those who are just like us.

When you pump yourself full of hormones via the animals you eat, it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, all genders respond to the physical changes produced by the injection of hormones into the system.

I’ve seen people in Cleveland, Ohio who look just like those huge cows with saddle bag muscles all over their bodies – only theirs are saddle bag fat deposits, built on top of each other like somebody designed it. They’re not balloons, they are fat storage tanks piled onto each other. These people of course will all eventually become handicapped, because they can’t stop eating the food that contains the steroids and other hormones which addicted them to the food. They have to have it.

Ever see a person on steroids? Ever see a person in withdrawal from steroids?

Fatten you up before slaughter doesn’t always mean with fat. Body builders take steroids to increase their muscle mass. So do cows and the way their owners tell it, they do it just for you, so you can enjoy a delicious piece of muscle meat after you pay them to kill the cow for your plate.

So it’s the plate’s fault?

Yup. Humans in Cleveland, Ohio look just like that picture. I’ve seen it and so has Steve.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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