Life Is The Soul

The soul leaves the body upon death. That’s how one knows that the soul is connected to the body. No body, no soul. No life, no soul.

Pope Francis via the Vatican announced to the Catholic brethren a while ago that cremations should be discouraged when making final burial arrangements, since in his view the soul cannot be found and guided to heaven if the body is turned to ashes. I disagree.

The soul is God, therefore each individual has a God of their own, which makes them each unique and each similar in that each has a soul and each has life.

The life-force is the Universe. The soul enters with the first connection that allows for life to be activated. Therefore, one might conclude that the Universe is an incubator creating structures and formations that ultimately could support some form of life.

Our individual and collective mind(s) use the organism to tame the life force which once activated becomes the soul.

Your soul therefore becomes your conscience thus your will to do or not to do, free to use and free to discard. Your soul communicates through your body and your mind directing your activities, subconsciously or with full awareness.

Some may call the soul instinct, that which is autonomically determined, for instance when threatened all animals instinctively seek to protect themselves from harm. It also includes an intuitive process or programming that comes with the package of each new life, regardless how that life is categorized or nurtured. And the soul seeks, thus strategizes ways to continue life until such time the organism wears out and life is no longer feasible. The soul, although not alive in the same sense as the organism, is nevertheless required to sustain life, making the soul, the organism’s basic form of life support.

The soul gives the organism life; it’s like a portal to the universe. Only under certain conditions, very precise conditions, will life appear. Communicate with it. The soul which is expressed through a combination of electricity, minerals, water, chemicals, carbons and gases, runs through every cell of your being for the purpose of teaching you how to survive as long as you can under harsh conditions on planet Earth.

When and while the organism is created, it needs to be tamed. That’s the job of the soul. That’s the universe continuing it’s support of the organism once birthed. The mind isn’t the same as the soul. The soul feeds the mind.

When the spark ignites the elements that produce the soul, which powers the organism to create a fully functioning life form, with very few tools by the way, a miniature universe is created in each organism.

We’re basically comprised of a multitude of maps with very precise instructions on how to fully function effectively.

The Universe recreates itself in every life and non-life form. That’s God, recreating itself in all life and non-life.

God aka Universe. God made everything in it’s likeness. The likeness of the Universe. Yes, humans, but also everything else. Jesus only saw himself, thus a male, generalized to all males as being created in the likeness of God. A little short-sighted I’d say.

When your soul detaches by any means, that means you are dead and your soul is on it’s way to delivering the results of your life to some other source, beyond my recognition.

Life is the soul. Use it to your advantage. Your soul is as unique as you are. You grow together, no matter how long or short the journey. That particular soul is yours forever. You grew with it from inception. It grew with you.

Own it.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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