Red Flag Vaccine

Why The Low Vaccinated Rate For COVID?

Hesitancy isn’t a reason. Fear of the unknown is. Yet no one has addressed the ease of being vaccinated.

Steve is on hold on the phone for the Cleveland Clinic. It’s on speaker phone. I can hear all their advertisements in the next room.

The Cleveland Clinic turns everything they do into a scientific study using the patients as their subjects, without permission I might add.

I say to Steve, you mean they require a doctor’s note to be vaccinated? STOP RIGHT THERE. A doctor’s note is the same as a prescription.

The CC wants you to be properly assessed before being vaccinated? That’s a RED FLAG. I suspect that they’re trying to make you feel more comfortable when in fact they’re making it sound like some people may not be good candidates for the vaccine. What people might those people be? And don’t those already under a doctor’s care know who they are if they do indeed exist among the throngs of unvaccinated subjects?

Is it free? All of it? I don’t believe it. What about the uninsured, which most of the youth and much of the poor are.

BACK UP. What happened to free at Walgreen’s? With insurance is what it meant.

I’ve lived in Cleveland for about twenty-seven years, always in minority areas. Blacks and Jews, Blacks and Hispanics and Puerto Ricans. Blacks primarily. Whites sprinkled about. Some sections were middle class or working lower middle class or poor. I owned a home in a middle neighborhood, I’ve lived in a slum building, the best of the worst and a senior residence turned to public housing.

In all those years, I applied what I already knew having been born in the Mafia section of Springfield, Massachusetts: Never ask a person what they do for a living or anything about their families or friends. In fact, don’t ask anybody anything. I pretty much lived by those rules my entire life, no matter where I lived and I lived in a lot of places.

Still, one hears things if they hang out. A lot of people in poorer neighborhoods and not so poor are involved in petty type activities that they wouldn’t want known. Many never pay for internet, yet they have it. Others never get a phone bill yet they have a phone. Still others buy and sell stolen merchandise. The list goes on. I don’t care and I don’t want to know the details.

Suffice it to say that a lot of people do not have insurance and will not register for anything that can trace or track them. Many of them have paying jobs, but it’s the extracurriculars that they want to keep under the table.

If there are warnings about the vaccine not being suitable for some people, then make them known. People can figure out if it applies to them. They don’t need a primary care physician and an appointment to get cleared for the vaccine.

Stop making everything health related into studies for the purpose of standardizing health care – that is if you’re looking for a high percentage rate of vaccinated people. Otherwise you’ll be spinning your wheels.

Most people don’t want you nosing around into their lives or their habits, which all studies do – the studies often go off topic to include a myriad of other issues that have nothing to do with health, just in case someone might appreciate already gathered data with which to conduct studies at another time, or for another department.

These unvaccinated people see right through the scams.

Enticing people to get vaccinated by offering free burgers and beer sounds way too manipulative. Easy as taking candy from a baby? Didn’t prove so did it? Plus you opened yourself up to liability claims for the enticement part should something go wrong and it always does. You’re still poking your nose around where it doesn’t belong.

So the researchers say, we don’t care about all that stuff, real names won’t be used, we use only numbers. Who are you kidding here? Anything government connected is documented to be used at a later date if need be for sinister reasons, so stop treating people as if they’re stupid; they’re smarter than you are. They already figured that out and you didn’t.

In case researchers don’t know it, those real names and addresses are not incinerated; they exist someplace for somebody’s purpose and it’s not yours.

We don’t want to hear all your excuses and reasons and how you don’t care.

Policies, rules, practices, laws are broken all the time. Nobody follows instructions, they make their own individual mind up, so don’t think we’re naive.

“MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. JUST GIVE US THE VACCINE. And we’re not paying for it either.”

No signature required. No photo ID required.

Did you know that when free food is given out at senior residences that the recipients have to show a picture ID and sign for it? Now how many people are going to be hanging around a senior residence to get free food who doesn’t live there or who isn’t a senior? It doesn’t matter, even if a person enters who doesn’t live there. Why treat everyone like a criminal who needs to be verified before receiving free food? Garbage food is more like it. The food nobody else wants.

There’s a signature going way back that shows Kamala Harris receiving free food. Do you think she would be vice president today if that came out – if it were true? She picked a narcotic pain prescription up for her husband after his surgery, had to register at the drug store and now the world regards her as an addict. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false, somebody wanted to smear her with that public knowledge that should have remained private. Her husband changed drug stores to take advantage of a fifty dollar enticement to switch his prescriptions over to another drug store and the pharmacist alerted his doctor saying he was “possibly” drug shopping – even though the pharmacist was fully aware of the pharmacy wars going on at the time. His doctor noted it in his file. When the doctor moved away and he picked up his file in person, there it was plain as day. “Possible drug shopping reported by pharmacist”. Right on the inside left folder. Nobody could miss it.

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT – as if you didn’t have enough on your plate.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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