We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?


We’re Giving Away Baby Body Parts. Is Nothing Sacred?

Stealing body parts before killing a fetus is not the same as abortion, thus abortion laws do not cover current practices of dismemberment for theft purposes before the baby is killed by cutting the umbilical cord.

No mother of sane mind would give permission.

Are there abortion laws protecting the mother’s and fetus’s rights? 

Or do the laws simply allow or disallow abortions under certain circumstances and that’s it? Either you can get one or you can’t? The mother and her unborn are left to the hands of the shylocks and shysters to do as they may with both?

Selling baby parts? Do these ruthless criminals against humanity get written permission from the mother to dismember the fetus while still attached to the umbilical cord, demanding the mother give a live birth in order to procure the parts live?

Does it matter if no one gets paid actual cash? Trust that someone always gets paid. There are many ways to pay and the whole world knows it, so stop with the criminals against humanity rhetoric to assuage the consciences of your unsuspecting mothers, because you obviously don’t have one. 

“Don’t worry the baby can’t feel anything. What did you say you want them for? It’s not that we want them, it’s that we’re all about saving lives and wouldn’t you want your fetus that isn’t a real baby yet to help someone live? You don’t want to just throw your baby into a trash can do you? See that can over there; it’s going in the trash – unless you think this fetus has a higher calling – to make a better world for somebody else.”

Where are the abortion laws protecting mother and her unborn? 

List the types of abortions and their respective procedures.

Where does the father come in if the father is known? What rights does he have?

Any unborn Jews there? Crushing their skulls? That’s how you kill an unborn inside the mother?

So you thought if you kept it attached to the umbiblcal cord that the mother could make that decision? 

To abort. As long as that baby is attached to the mother, the mother makes the decision – to abort – not to live birth, dismember and give away or sell the body parts. 

Somebody interpreted that wrongly. Plus, they forgot the second part. Once disconnected from the mother, the baby/fetus owns itself and no one has the option to smash it against a cave wall for its brain.

Dismemberment presupposes there are formed body parts and a brain.

STOP encouraging abortions for body parts. 

Pass laws that govern procedures – whether done by the state or the federal government. That means BOTH.

Morning before pill, morning after pill, any time of the day or night pill, all are less dangerous and not criminal.

So you say you need those fetal body parts, yet you say you don’t encourage abortion.

Again you say, you don’t need the body parts, but you coerce the mother into giving a live birth.

You build a flipping city around it. Around planned parenthood. 

What, you can only get birth control pills or condoms at planned parenthood facilities that are growing like the Cleveland Clinic – like a city within a city within another city in every state? Is that where this is going? 

Yeah. There’s money in reproduction management.

Regarding live abortion dismemberment.

Any Jew babies included in that body part giveaway that the Democrats bragged about?

Hillary Clinton bragged that no money exchanged hands; that only happens in clinics outside of the family planning network.

She didn’t care that it happened, only that no one got paid and that it didn’t happen under the federal umbrella.

She wasn’t alone.

Nobody thinks babies feel pain. Well, nobody thought black people felt pain either.

So where do you go with that? Nowhere. You dump what is clearly untrue and move on to the corrections phase.

Find a better way to prevent pregnancies and to disrupt them absent torture.

Develop options for the mother that are available without question or pause.

Selling or giving away body parts are out.

Nobody needs them. Manufacturer synthetic blood and tissue from plant sources, or from human sources donated with permission from a healthy adult person.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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