Stop Caricaturizing Yourselves


SO YOU WANT THE WORLD TO ACCEPT THE NATURAL YOU? Personally I never wanted the whole world to think anything about the way I adorn myself or wear my hair. I don’t want to look like every other white person.

There’s nothing natural about fake hair wigs, eyelashes, fingernails, plastic surgery, makeup. Hey go for it if that’s your preference, but don’t call it natural.

Remove everything fake so the world can see the real you. Isn’t that what you want? No? You want to dress it all up? Fine, but don’t expect white people to understand what your natural self looks like if you don’t show it.

You say you want natural, then be natural. If not, then stop beating up white people about it. They don’t care how you adorn your bodies. White people do the same thing. Similarly you shouldn’t blow a gasket every time a blonde haired white woman enters your view. It’s not your business what anybody does with their hair. Get it?

Anybody can grow their hair to their waist – there’s nothing unique about that. There’s nothing particularly natural either unless one does it to keep the body warm in adverse circumstances and then it’s for survival purposes. Just because your nails keep growing, doesn’t mean it’s natural to never cut them.

When I see someone I know, absent their FAKE PARTS, I don’t recognize them. The wig, the fake eyelashes the eye make up, everything is gone and with it their identity.

Black women all done up look like a one person carnival. And they go to work like that. Who cares? They do. Nobody says anything, except them. They need to be complimented on how they look and it looks like Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is about to sponsor a bill that requires white people to compliment the way black people look while bowing five times a day or be fined. Yeah, who would believe it, points are being given and taken away and money made or lost at checkpoints, and you have to be sincere even if it’s not your tastes it’s theirs and you need to like it to keep you from burning cities.

Black women like tight clothes to show off their fat, white women generally don’t. It’s a difference in taste. Stop telling white people they have to like it, say they like it and donate to your favorite matter charity as a matter of course. Don’t look and you get fined; look and if it isn’t accompanied by a compliment, double fine.

Personally I don’t understand why black women need to be looked at so much. It’s like they’re movie stars wanting attention. They’re on stage. Hey it’s no surprise that so many black people are in the entertainment business. They’re naturally good at it.

It seems like they’re always auditioning for that special part. Actors in plays use a lot of fake additives to accentuate the positive and mask the negative.

Black African women take that to a different level by accentuating the fake and eliminating the natural.

Being naturally good at acting is not the same as forcing white people to like all the roles you play and the costumes that go along with it.

So what is it about natural that you want the world to see if it’s not the real you?

Stop changing the meaning of words for the entire world to suit your fashion preferences. Fake is not a synonym for natural.

There are cultural differences in the way different people from different places define the same word.

Black Africans have a whole story as to how they perceive natural that could fill a book.

Dictionaries are for all words not just some people’s way with words. Definitions are kept short so as not to confuse people. If you want the world to understand, which you claim you do by your criticisms of cultures not like yours, then the least you can do is let them in on your unique definitions without accusing them of cultural appropriations.

White people could accuse you of the same. If you can’t share culture then you’re a separatist wanting to be accepted for your ways while failing to accept the ways of others.

Words are not meant for only one race. Words are designed for communication purposes so all can understand and know not just what the other is saying but what they mean by it.

Maybe white people don’t like caricatures except in art. Maybe the habitual caricature of the black woman acting in a play or auditioning for one by singing and dancing and reading a part isn’t easily understood when cities burned over natural hair acceptance that were really wigs.

Tell them what it is and they still may not like it, because they speak a different language which says fake is not natural. It’s their right not to like anything. You wouldn’t want that right taken away from you, demanding that you like white women’s hair.

Be careful you don’t turn yourself into a cartoon. That image could stick for a long time, and nobody will take you seriously.

Ditch the hair strategy. Nobody likes being told whom and what to like, love or hate. You overplayed your pity card. Then you stuck the hair in there and it all went down hill. White people are getting wearing of you changing what you mean with every question or criticism.

You are on the line of becoming a cartoon. Which way you go is on you, remember that.

I’m just a white woman who has mostly bad hair days. Why do you think I buzz it all off so often? I’m not making a political statement. The longer I grow it the worse it gets. I’d like to ask a little hair advice, but I’d be accused of cultural appropriation. I’ll figure it out on my own.

Cheers to everybody’s bad hair. I really do think people look better with no hair. I wonder if that’s the future, since most characters in futuristic movies are bald. I’d vote for it.

I have the worst luck with hair dressers.

They always ask what I want, I tell them, then they turn the chair so I can’t see and do whatever they want to do. I say don’t take more than an inch and they take three inches. I say I don’t want it thinned and they thin it, always with a lengthy explanation as to why and what they wanted to achieve as if I’ve never had my hair cut before.

Every single time. I’m never satisfied. They give me magazines, I pick out the picture and they give me the same haircut they give everybody else.

Now it’s about the old people haircut. I went to this Muslim shop with instructions. A young Russian gal did my hair. I figured because she had a stylish cut, she’d give me one. I gave my instructions and when she turned the chair around so I could see, she said, “this is stylish, this is what all the old people are wearing”. Oh my God, just what I didn’t want, to look like every other senior.

That doesn’t make me prejudice toward seniors, I just don’t like the way they wear their hair – on me. I don’t want a cookie cutter haircut. I thought that’s why they give magazines to the customers, so they can pick one they like and want.

I saw an male Eastern Europeanish barber sitting outside another shop and hollered over asking if he cuts women’s hair. He looked and hollered back, “I could do that“, pointing to my head. I had to laugh to myself.

I don’t think my hair was meant for styling or maybe I don’t want to do all the work of keeping it up. I would never demand that somebody like it though. I’ll probably do as always, wait until it grows out and I can’t tolerate it falling into my face any more, then buzz it.

Cartoons. They don’t have good reputations and have a limited following. Usually when somebody does a caricature of somebody else, they’re humiliating them and calling it funny.

Wear yourself the way you want, just don’t make any more demands regarding hair that excludes anybody.

Women’s liberation groups had that same problem back in the 1970s.

They talked about frivolous irritants regarding men and eventually were regarded as frivolous. Much of the headway they made they lost in the 1980s and 1990s. People thought the consciousness raising had been effective, when in reality a few small things changed, an awareness did occur, but people went back to living their lives. Fathers became more engaged in the family – that was a big success. They even went into the delivery room and still do.

I still say tackle the death penalty for everyone and don’t let up till you win absent assaults and property destruction. Screaming through a bull horn into someone’s ear will make them hate you forever.

With the pandemic rising again, think e-mail. Get together a questionnaire regarding the death penalty and mass mail it to all sectors. Make it interesting not threatening. You have the money, use it. Then hire a statistician to review the stats and go from there.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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